Coaching is not just for employees at the top levels of their professions. Here are some of the modes through which coaching is an effective workplace tool for all.


Jenny is available to give half- and whole-day workshops in the workplace around common challenges such as teaching managers to be coaches, improving feedback conversations, and maximizing productivity without sacrificing quality. Since these themes will also come up repeatedly in one-on-one work, workshops make the perfect complement to ongoing individual development. All workshops can be customized to organizational needs. 

Workplace Support

In some cases, management will identify a group of high-potential employees the organization wants to see become top performers. The organization wants to improve productivity, increase retention, and improve employee satisfaction overall but may not have the capacity to reach these goals internally. In this case, employees receive one-on-one coaching in the workplace and learn to leverage their strengths and seek out partners and team members who possess complementary strengths.