Therapists help people of all ages live happier, healthier, and more productive lives by applying research-based techniques to help people develop more effective habits. Therapy is a collaborative treatment provided in a supportive environment which allows you to talk openly with a licensed professional who is objective, neutral, and nonjudgmental. Therapy focuses on what past experiences are preventing you from achieving that success.

Jenny Maenpaa is a clinical psychotherapist licensed to practice social work by New York State. She combines two main approaches to therapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which involves changing specific problematic thought patterns or behaviors through structured and targeted interventions, and Psychodynamic, which involves a more open-ended and exploratory approach. For many clients, a balance of both approaches allows you to examine your past with a trained professional, understand the limitations being placed on your present, and unleash your vision for an ideal future.

Amidst the excitement of New York, it can be hard to find a center. Always pursuing the next accolade, promotion, or opportunity can leave you feeling unfulfilled. Taking care of yourself is not a luxury but an imperative in this fast-paced world. For many, striving to reach such high expectations can cause relationships to suffer and mental health to deteriorate. This stress can cause anxiety, depression, and other painful emotional challenges. Working with a professional allows you to bring your best self to all aspects of your life.