I was deeply unhappy at my job but I could not identify exactly what was causing these feelings. I was too scared to leave since I had never been through a career change and felt that I was giving up. Jenny gave me space to think vocally and then asked questions that pushed me to think about the effects of my job on my mental health and on my ability to stay in it long term. Her reflective statements allowed me to come to the conclusion that my job was a dead end for my professional growth and that I could not live out my values where I was. She taught me to identify and flip fixed statements to a growth mindset towards future opportunities. Jenny also reviewed my resume and coached me in how to negotiate with future employers. I have since found a new position that I am thrilled to have, am more conscious of what I need in a professional setting, and have the confidence to pursue new opportunities when necessary.
— J.D., M.Ed | Educator