one-on-one coaching Testimonials

Since completing my graduate degree, I spent the last 3 years of my career just ‘making it.’ I was happy to be offered a position and salary regardless of my experience or credentials and told myself that I should be grateful for any opportunity. However, I soon recognized the shortcomings of that mentality. I became burnt out, dissatisfied with my position, and bitter at being both personally and financially undervalued. I then had the pleasure of working with Jenny. By encouraging me to reflect through her use of open-ended questions and affirmations, Jenny’s coaching provided support as I learned to clearly communicate my frustrations and concerns. By employing solution-focused techniques, Jenny then helped me identify my goals and the steps that I needed to take towards meeting those goals. In working with Jenny I was able to find the language to consistently articulate my professional needs. Jenny also assisted me with updating my resume and improving my negotiation skills. As a result, I have become a more confident and competitive employee and I now not only have a better understanding of workplace dynamics but also my personal strengths and areas of growth as an employee.
— A.B., LMSW | Program Coordinator