Jenny’s direct, powerful questions helped me discard old, self-limiting beliefs. This was truly a life changing experience! Her coaching helped me move forward with a BIG life decision. Jenny is a brilliant, gifted coach. She is a supportive partner to help you achieve your goals.
— P.L. | Small Business Owner

Jenny helped me identify my goals and the steps that I needed to take towards meeting those goals. As a result of working with Jenny, I have become a more confident and competitive employee and I now not only have a better understanding of workplace dynamics but also my personal strengths as an employee.
— A.B., LMSW | Program Coordinator

Since working with Jenny, I have found a position that I am thrilled to have, am more conscious of what I need in a professional setting, and have the confidence to pursue new opportunities when necessary.
— J.D., M.Ed | Educator

By working with Jenny, I was able to get out of my own head, put aside the gremlins holding me back, and start to build momentum as a small business owner.
— J.W., MA | Entrepreneur and Business Owner

As a result of the time we worked together, I feel confident in my ability to stay committed to my plan to have a more balanced life.
— W.M., MA, RN | SVP in Healthcare
Jenny’s coaching encouraged me to ask myself the hardest question: What will make me ultimately happy, financially stable, and able to sustain my work for a lifetime? As a result of working with Jenny, both my employer and I are extremely satisfied with the outcome!
— S.E., MEd | Educator