Jenny has taught yoga and meditation to groups suffering from extreme anxiety and high stress. This practice, coupled with therapy, has helped clients find a grounded center in their daily lives, even in the most stressful situations.

Finding a Career with Meaning and Joy

For women looking for meaning in their careers and to actually enjoy Monday mornings at the office, this group helps clients find meaning in their jobs and jobs with meaning. You will sharpen your emotional intelligence, recognize your values, and discover what you want to get out of career and life. It will focus on life hacks you can put into action tomorrow and skill-building that will make you shine at work.


Parenting, particularly of adolescents, can feel like a minefield. Jenny's social work education specialized in working with Children, Youth, and Families, and Jenny has put these skill to use over the years, working with parents and children in highly challenging circumstances. One particular area where clients have seen tremendous results is in very contentious parent/adolescent relationships involving high conflict, including rule-breaking, screaming, and inconsistent consequence application.

Coping with Post-Partum Anxiety and Depression

Having a baby can be both the most joyful and most uncertain time in a woman's life. Many women are unprepared for feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress following the birth of a baby they cherish and these conflicting feelings can cause anguish. As both a clinical expert and a mother herself, Kathryn Werner, LCSW, leads this group for new moms to process their feelings and develop coping strategies.