Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of clients do you see?

I work with any woman who wants to make a change in her life. I work with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, family discord (children, spouses, or other relatives), and grief. I also work with clients who are experiencing stress at work, looking to change jobs or careers, or feeling that while things are okay, they could be a lot better.

2. Do you see couples?

Yes, I do. Helping women create harmony in their romantic relationships allows them to become the best versions of themselves at home and at work.

3. What are your session lengths and fees?

Each session is 45 minutes long. Individual sessions are $150 per hour and couples' sessions are $200 per hour.

4. Do you take insurance?

I do not. This is due to a number of factors. If I accepted insurance, the following statements would be true:

  • I would have to diagnose you to get reimbursed. That means you could not see a therapist for anxious or depressed symptoms that interfere with your life but don't meet the clinical level for diagnosis. You could not see a therapist for grief, or for trouble adjusting to changed life circumstances. I do not believe that human resources employees in a distant office who have never met you (and have no mental health training) should be able to tell you what you can seek therapy for.

  • Your records would not be protected. At any time, a claims specialist at your insurance company could audit your records and see everything you and your therapist have discussed. They could then deny claims based on that information.

  • Your treatment plan would be completely dictated by the insurer. That same claims specialist, with no mental health expertise, could tell you and your therapist how to work together. You and your therapist would not be able to determine the best treatment plan for you. and your insurance company would be in charge of your care.

  • Insurance companies often limit the number of sessions they will cover, regardless of the therapist's and client's wishes.

I wish that our health care system were better set up to accommodate clients' needs, but the current reality is that it is not. Because of that, I prioritize your care over the convenience of accepting insurance. 

5. Can I submit an out-of-network provider claim to my insurance to be reimbursed?

Absolutely. If we work together and determine that your challenges meet the clinical diagnosis criteria, I can provide you with a form to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of out-of-network benefits. You can contact me for a script to call your insurance company and find out what benefits they offer. You can also use your health savings account to pay for sessions. In addition, even if you don't file with your insurance company for reimbursement, you may be able to write sessions off on your taxes as a medical expense.

6. I can't afford the session fee. Do you allow sliding scale payments?

In some circumstances, sliding scale payments may be accepted. Email me to discuss specific requests.

7. Do you offer Skype or phone sessions?

Yes, I do. Schedule here, or if those times do not work for you, email me for specific requests.

8. Where are you located?

276 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10001