Forward in Heels is right for you if…

  • You are a strong, ambitious woman who feels like something is missing
  • Your work/life balance is out of sync
  • Your career doesn't bring you joy
  • You repeatedly engage in relationship patterns that don't make you happy
  • You are passionate, driven, and ambitious
  • You are a leader with your eye on more responsibility
  • You are a lifetime learner about yourself, others, and all topics that interest you
  • You are looking for new ways to develop your skills
  • You want to learn how to shine as brightly as possible and light others' torches along the way

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For too long, women have been taught that they must dim their lights so as not to overshadow anyone else. Finally, women are shining at their full strength, and realizing that success is not a zero-sum game. One does not have to lose for another to win.

Badass women thrive in the workplace when they know how to ground themselves during tough transitions, take care of themselves while engaging in challenging work, and overcome obstacles so they can reach their goals personally and professionally. Empowerment is not a transaction; Jenny doesn't have the power to give to you. Empowerment is a relationship; Jenny helps you see the power you already possess and helps you learn how to wield it.

Jenny is the expert in the process; you are the expert in you! Through personalized services, she will help you identify your existing strengths and struggles, leverage your network to find allies with complementary strengths, and create superteams to conquer your obstacles. Together, you will unleash the ability to achieve what you want while being your most authentic self. When you can take care of yourself personally, your light shines through, and the best version of you shows up professionally. And that version is a badass who stands tall, knows your worth, and lights up the world.