A Sampling of Past Consulting Projects and Results

Immigrant Education at Community-Based Organization:

Challenge: How to support educators across the country charged with delivering credible education on immigration as well as integrating students from diverse backgrounds into their classrooms.

Approach: Wrote and facilitated a web-based professional development course entitled Teaching Immigration Across the Curriculum with a team of community advocates (which later formed the basis of a course at the University of Massachusetts). Since then, more than 500 educators from 32 states have participated in the workshop, which takes place annually. Educators interact in an innovative format that varies online platforms to offer rich opportunities for learning and sharing in real time.  

Alumni Special Projects for a National Charter School Network:

Challenge: How to engage elementary school students as they become alumni.

Approach: Created portfolio of recommendations after researching preexisting alumni programs and resources, planning and organizing piloting events and initiatives for alumni, determining methodology for implementing a sustainable alumni program, and tracking progress to goals around engagement.

Corps Member Effectiveness for National Educational Non-Profit:

Challenge: How to increase diversity of incoming corps members while maintaining selectivity.

Approach: Analyzed selectors’ decision patterns for bias, then created library of videos, documents, and training modules to support staff members in best practices for selection. The work resulted in hundreds of hours of professional development saved for staff nationally and led to higher quality of selection overall, specifically in increasing quality and diversity.

Services for Underrepresented Youths at Community-Based Organization:

Challenge: How to identify previously missed signs of developmental delays that have been historically missed, along with the opportunity for early intervention.

Approach: Created parent workshop series and support groups to target previously unmet service gaps for children, which is currently being used by to inform caregivers in the neighborhood about early detection and service provision for children with special needs.

Teaching Quality at an International School:

Challenge: How to improve the quality of English-language instruction in an international school.

Approach: Created individual teacher improvement plans targeted at ambitious but feasible change. Provided resources, modeling, and real-time coaching to teachers and support staff at the school, and crafted roll-out plan for upcoming year.

Development for a National Charter School Network:

Challenge: How to engage teachers, school administrators, community members, and network staff to fundraise.

Approach: Published an exemplary practices manual for all current and future network schools based on best practices in public school fundraising, which continues to be used nationally.